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We don’t want to sweat away, contorting with weights and odd exercises. And we believe you don’t want to either! So we don’t do them. Simple.

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James Crow, BSc Hons MSTAT CRESp

Learn to be posture-aware so you stop doing all the bad stuff – you know those pesky bad-posture moments!

It’s easier than you think to sit, stand and walk well. Get noticed and revel in your newfound confidence!

Learn how to make your home and working environments work for you instead of against you!

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What My Students Have to Say

Enjoying the sessions I am having, they are effective and interesting with the quality of audio and video making it as if James in the same room. Really easy to embody what is being taught and great to practice whilst being given guidance in the comfort of your own home. There is a plan and structure to the lesson and after it has been completed I always effortlessly continue what has been learnt because it’s so easy to learn and presented simply.
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From Wilmslow, UK
I found this a really useful refresher for my current workstation setup and posture. It helped me to make some significant changes which have been really beneficial. The course is easy to follow, well-presented and full of insights. And it has a sense of humour!
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Scott Thurston
Lecturer From Manchester
I practiced the material in the video to experience what the instructor is talking about. If feels great and practical. In addition to other practices from other settings it’s helped me feel a difference in how I should be living. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to make a difference in their lives.
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Emmanuel Debra
Mindfulness Practitioner
I just wish that I had learned this years ago it would have made a difference to the way I handle life. I enjoyed every bit of it.
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Linda Martin
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