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Posture mindfulness gives you better posture - all day long!

Join me and discover the benefits of calm, comfortable, mindful good posture, whatever you’re up to!

Posture Mindfulness Course

Mindful, Comfortable Posture

Your journey starts here

Discover your keys to mindful posture, when and how to learn it, and how you'll begin to reap the benefits as you apply it throughout your day

Posture aware

You'll quickly discover how to keep your new-found posture mindfulness in even the most tough situations!

Get back in touch with your body, as a friend

Quickly learn how to be consistently, easily get back in touch with being fully embodied, just like you were as a child.

My 80:20 secret formula

Discover how to balance awareness of your posture with the outside world, so you can monitor and improve your posture whatever you do!

Happy Students

Join over 2000 happy Posture Stars students who’ve found comfort and long-lasting better posture with my courses. Today’s the day!

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Bite sized sessions that can be repeated and don't require hours at a time. James puts everything to you with honest enthusiasm. His method is simple and direct, making it easy to follow.
Mary NIxon
estate manager, UK
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I practiced the material in the video to experience what the instructor is talking about. It feels great and practical. In addition to other practices from other settings it's helped me feel a difference in how I should be living. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to make a difference in their lives. Thanks!
Emmanuel Debra
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This is an excellent course in mindfulness. The Tutor makes learning really easy choosing gradiated steps and nice short videos along the way. I’ve not done this before but have done some meditation of various types in the past the needless to say the difference is startling. My stress levels dropped straight away that’s without sitting with my eyes closed for an hour plus. The concept of moving whilst being in state is a new one for me so that is what I’m now learning and practising. Really enjoyed this Thankyou.

How long Can You Be Mindful For?

It’s easy enough to be mindful whilst you meditate. But can you keep it going doing the shopping, or working, or meeting the people you care about most? This course gives you the keys to all this, and more!

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